Nu ne-am nascut make-up artisti. Toti am gresit la inceput, ne-a mai cazut fard unde nu trebuie, am tras prost linia de tus sau am murdarit clienta cu mascara. Greseli se intampla, accidente nu mai zic J Iar acest articol este mai mult dedicat make-up artistilor la inceput de drum. Deci ce putem face cand comitem o greseala, mai mica sau mai mare in machiaj si cum o remediem rapid fara sa isi dea seama clienta de stangacie? Povestesc pe scurt , mai jos.

In primul rand cel mai import e sa ne dam seama ca am gresit (unii nu reusesc sa isi dea seama) si apoi sa nu intram in panica. E clar ca in functie de greseala exista sau nu solutii, eu am ales 5 greseli si am venit cu solutii la ele.

1. Ati tras gresit linia de tus – Nu va apucati sa stergeti, singurul lucru pe care il puteti face este sa ingrosati un pic mai mult linia pana cand aceasta are aspectul dorit. Atentie insa, daca totusi va depaseste acest tip de machiaj mai bine ii spuneti clientei ca ii recomandati altceva si evitati sa gresiti. Plus, ca nici ingrosatul acesta nu poate fi facut prea mult, adica la eyeliner o singura greseala e suficienta, a doua oara cand trasati linia trebuie sa fie perfecta.

2. Ati murdarit cu mascara – Nu stergeti imediat, asteptati sa se usuce si apoi incercati sa stergeti cu o perie de sprancene.

3. Ati facut sprancenele prea groase – Unii ar spune ca nu-i nimic, ca se poarta, dar eu cred ca nimic nu e mai odios decat o spranceana foarte groasa care dezechilibrează simetria fetei. Asa ca incercati sa stergeti incet cu un betisor, corectand acolo unde trebuie si mai apoi reveniti cu full cover sau anticearcan cremos si cu pudra pentru a fixa.

4. Ai pus prea mult blush in obraji – Incerci sa estompezi cu grija fara sa iriti pielea sau sa deranjezi celalalte produse deja aplicate sub blush si mai apoi adaugi pudra deasupra. Atentie insa, sunt anumite produse atat de pigmentate incat se curata foarte greu de pe fata si riscati sa nu scapati de excesul nedorit. Cel mai bine este sa aveti grija cat produsul luati pe suprafata pensulei.

5. Ati gresit conturul la buze – Daca buzele au iesit strambe nu incepeti sa stergeti pentru ca riscati sa intindeti conturul. Cu un pic de cover si o pensula speciala se rezolva. Corectati zona cu ajutorul unui full cover, folosind pensula specifica.

Cu exercitiu si rabdare o sa reusiti sa faceti din ce in ce mai putine greseli. Pentru intrebari mai complicate de genul „Ce fac daca am uitat sa pun primer” sau „Ce fac daca am scapat prea mult fard negru pe cearcan”, puteti sa veniti la #CaravanaSecreteleMachiajului si sa aflati raspunsul direct de la #SinzianaIaru, in cadrul seminarului machiaj de mireasa si ocazie. Detalii la 0769233268.

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What do you do when you mess up your make-up?


We weren’t born make-up artists. We all made mistakes in the beginning, dropped some make-up where we weren’t supposed to, messed up the eye line or smudged mascara on our client. Mistakes happen, not to mention accidents J And this article is dedicated especially to beginner make-up artists. So what can we do when we make a mistake, either small or big, with make-up and how do we correct it fast, without letting the client know of our clumsiness? I’ll tell you in short, below.


First of all, the most important thing is to realize that we did something wrong (some people cannot do that) and then it’s important not to panic. Obviously, depending on the mistake, there may or may not be a solution; I have chosen 5 mistakes and came up with ways to fix them.


1. You messed up the eye line – Do not start wiping it off, the only thing you can do is thicken it a bit more, until it reaches the desired look. Be careful, however, if this type of make-up is beyond your capabilities, it’s best to tell your client that you recommend something else and avoid making mistakes. Moreover, this kind of thickening should not be overdone; when it comes to eyeliner, one mistake is enough; the second time you draw it, the eye line must be perfect.


2. You smudged mascara – Do not wipe it off immediately, wait for it to dry then try wiping it off with an eyebrow brush.


3. You made the eyebrows too thick – Some would say it is okay, that it’s trendy, but I say there’s nothing more odious than a very thick eyebrow that unbalances the symmetry of the face. Therefore, try wiping off slowly, with a Q-tip, correcting where needed, and then come back with full cover or creamy concealer and powder to fix it.


4. You applied too much blush on the cheeks –Try to carefully shade it down, without irritating the skin or affecting the other products applied under the blush, then apply powder on top. Be careful though, certain products are so pigmented that they are hard to clean off the face and you risk not being able to remove the undesired excess. The best way is to be careful how much product you pick up on the brush surface.


5. You messed up the lip contour – If the lips came out crooked, do not start wiping it off, because you risk smudging the contour. With a bit of cover and a special brush, you can fix it. Correct the area with full cover, using the appropriate brush.


With practice and patience, you will manage to make fewer and fewer mistakes. For more complex questions like: “What do I do if I forgot to apply primer?” or: “What do I do if I dropped too much black shadow on the circles?” you are welcomed to come to the #SecretsOfMakeUpCaravan and learn the answer straight from #SinzianaIaru, during the make-up seminar for brides and special occasions. For details, call 0769233268.


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