Articolul acesta sta in draft de vreo 2 luni l-am scris cu dedicatie pentru una dintre prietenele mele, stia ea cine. Sunt convinsa ca a stiut din secunda in care titlul i-a dat gol in stomac. Nu stiam exact daca sa scriu randurile astea si pe cine voi supara cu ele, dar cum mie imi place sa fiu sincera si sa spun lucrurilor pe nume, m-am hotarat sa dau frau imaginatiei si blogosferei si sa-l public. Subiectul e pe cat de delicat pe atat de serios si face referire directa la lesa cu care corporatiile tin in umbra oameni super talentati care traiesc cu frica esecului pe cont propriu.

In 3 ani de cand organizez cursuri de make-up, ori pentru altii, ori pentru scoala cu Sinziana, am descoperit oameni minunati, super talentati care cautau sa mearga la cursuri afterwork. Cand primeam mai multe informatii despre cursant, aflam ca lucreaza intr-o corporatie, la un birou mai mic sau mai mare, cu program strict 9-17, in fata calculatorului, cu mailul limitat pe 10 mb si fara acces la social media.

Majoritatea celor care lucreaza in corporatii le este indoctrinata ideea ca fara angajator nu poti trai. Ca fara salariu acela (mai mic sau mai mare) care vine sigur pe data x a lunii, nu poti trai si ca visurile, indiferent cat de mari sunt, trebuie puse in standby pentru binele companiei.

In afara de prietena care m-a determinat să scriu acest articol, mai cunosc cel putin doua persoane care lucreaza de luni pana vineri ca manager resurse umane, respectiv front desk assistent si in weekend machiaza si coafeaza cliente. Si le-am intrebat de ce daca sunt de succes in cariera lor de artisti, de ce nu renunta la jobul din timpul saptamanii. Credeam ca raspunsul are legatura cu partea financiara, ca vor sa isi dubleze veniturile, etc. De fapt, raspunsul a fost altul. Le este frica. Le este frica sa fie pe cont propriu, sa nu aiba un angajator care sa le plateasca taxele la stat, sa le ofere cardul ala de sanatate la o clinica la care oricum nu gasesc doctorii pe care ii vor si la care oricum nu merg chiar daca au reducere 30%.

 In esenta, e vorba de iesirea din zona de confort, dar eu ma intreb oare nu e vorba de mai mult? Este o batalie intre minte si suflet, o alegere sensibila pe care cu greu o faci. Chiar daca actualul loc de munca te streseaza, te frusteaza, iti distruge armonia chiar si din familie si te aduce in stadii avansate de oboseala tot nu iti vine sa renunti la el. Si uite ajung multi sa uite de pasiuni, de talente, de faptul ca se pricep la hand made si alte artificii, la lucruri care intr-o buna zi vei regreta ca nu le-ai facut.

Eu stiu perfect ce simte prietena mea. Am simtit si eu candva. Candva si eu eram sufocata de sistem si credeam ca nu o sa pot fara. Ca o sa fie greu. Ca nu o sa pot fii o mama linistita daca nu lucrez ca salariat. Nici eu nu credeam cand altii imi spuneau ca se poate.

Ma bucur insa ca exista si exceptii de regula, ca exista oameni care si-au urmat visul, indiferent care a fost acela si care acum zboara. Zboara si sunt fericiti. Cinste lor, cinste celor care vor reusi sa paraseasca sistemul si cinste si mie, caci am ales acum cativa ani sa fiu Andra Cosmetics. Si nu-mi pare rau deloc. Chiar deloc.

Pe curand,

A voastra, 



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Corporations are harmful for artists


This article has been a draft for about 2 months, I’ve written it as a dedication for a friend of mine, and she knows who she is. I’m sure she’s known from the second she laid eyes on the title and felt a lump in her stomach. I didn’t know exactly if I was going to write this and who it would offend, but since I like to be honest and say things as they are, I decided to let my imagination and the blogosphere run wild and publish it. The subject is both delicate and serious, as it refers directly to the leash the companies use to restrain very talented people that are afraid of failing on their own.


In the 3 years I’ve been hosting make-up classes, for others or for the school with Sinziana, I’ve encountered some wonderful, very talented people that were looking for after work classes. When I received more information about the participant, I would learn that they worked in a corporation, behind a small or large desk, on a 9-5 schedule, in front of the computer, with an e-mail limit of 10 MB and no access to social media.


Most of the people who work in corporations have this indoctrinated idea that they can’t live without their employer. That they can’t live without the salary (as small or big as it may be) they receive on the X day of the month, and their dreams, however big or small, must be laid aside for the good of the company.


Aside from the friend that got me to write this article, I know at least two other people who work Monday through Friday as human resources manager, respectively a front desk assistant, and on weekends they do the hair and make-up for clients. And I asked them why, if they were so successful in their artistic career, they wouldn’t give up their regular job. I thought the answer had to do with money, that they wanted to double their income, etc. But the answer was different. They are afraid. They’re afraid of being on their own, of not having an employer to pay their taxes, to offer them that health insurance card for a clinic where they can’t find the doctors they need and who they don’t see either way, even with the 30% discount.


Essentially, it’s about leaving your comfort zone, but I wonder if there’s more to it than that? It’s a battle between the mind and the soul, a sensitive choice that is hard to make. Even if your current workplace is stressful, frustrating, destroys even the harmony in your family and makes you unbelievably tired, it’s still hard to give up. And this way, many people end up forgetting about their passions, talents, the fact that they are good at making handmade stuff and other trinkets, things that they will one day regret not doing.


I know exactly what my friend is feeling. I felt it once myself. Once upon a time, I was also suffocated by the system and thought I couldn’t handle it. Thought it would be hard. That I couldn’t be at ease as a mother if I wasn’t employed somewhere. I didn’t believe it either when other people said it was possible.


But I’m happy that there are also exceptions, that there are people who followed their dream, no matter what it was, and who are now flying free. Flying free and happily. Cheers to them, cheers to those who will succeed in leaving the system and cheers to me, for choosing to be Andra Cosmetics years ago. And I’m not sorry. Not at all.


See you soon,






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