S-au scris multe articole pe tema asta. Asa multe incat parca si eu sunt satula de subiect, promit sa fiu scurta. Dar nu puteam sa ma abtin totusi sa nu va spun ultima barfa auzita prin domeniul asta. S-a inventat un nou job, sa fii hater cu salariu.

Cum adica hater cu salariu? Adica te ascunzi in spatele laptopului si fara rusine incepi si comentezi pe la concurenta, doar, doar scad vanzarile. Si comentezi si dai review fara argumente si te bati cu pumnii (virtuali) in piept ca ai dreptate. Bagi grupuri de discutii, distrugi armonia de pe pagini lucrate cu munca multa si te apuci sa arunci cu pietre fara sa iti dai seama de consecinte.

Defaimarea in online si alte actiuni de tipul bullying isi pot gasi rezolvarea pe calea legala, atat in civil cat si in penal, dar nu multi o stiu pentru ca inca nu s-a facut tam-tam pe tema. Poate ca ar trebui sa se faca ca sa fim mai atenti ce scoatem pe gura tastaturii. Mai ales ca exista precedent, mai multe persoane au dat in judecata si au castigat in instanta. Vezi de exemplu cest caz: http://www.bihon.ro/in-instanta-pentru-postarile-de-pe-facebook/1715470

Inteleg, suntem liberi, liberi sa ne exprimam, sa aratam cu degetul, sa scandam, sa rezistam. Dar fratilor, hai sa nu uitam de adevar. Adevar care nu e chiar asa relativ cum cred unii. Hai sa venim cu argumente, hai sa fim intelepti.

Nu mai aruncati cu vorbe, doar ca asa va roaga x sau y sau chiar va plateste in 2-3 produse, nu mai sustineti aberatii doar pentru ca asa aveti chef si doar pentru ca asta e mood-ul vostru de hater. NU MAI FITI HATERI si o sa vedeti ca echilibrul vostru interior o sa dea roade si in exterior si brusc lucrurile din viata voastra isi gasesc rezolvare si parca si florile miros mai frumos si pasarelele canta mai armonios.

Eu inca am forta sa lupt cu toti haterii, uita asa, pentru ca au grija altii sa mi trimita energie, sa ma bucure, sa ma faca sa uit ca exista si astfel categorii de oameni (a se citi neaomeni).

V-am pupat pe toti astia care sunteti misto, iar pe restul, care o ard aiurea, de azi inainte ii ignor sau il las pe avocatul meu sa-i contacteze.

Pe curand,

A voastra,



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A new job has been invented: paid hater


Many articles have been written on this subject. So many that even I am tired of it, I promise I’ll be brief. But I couldn’t help sharing the latest gossip in this field. A new job has been invented, being a paid hater.


What do I mean by paid hater? I mean you hide behind our laptop and shamelessly start commenting bad things about the competition, hoping their sales drop. And you comment and write reviews without arguments and talk tall (virtually) about how you’re right. You join discussion groups and disrupt the harmony on carefully built pages and start throwing rocks without realizing the consequences.


Online defamation and other actions such as bullying can be solved legally, through both civil and criminal trials, but not many people know this, because there hasn’t been such a big fuss about it. Maybe there should be, in order to pay more attention to what we’re saying through our keyboards. All the more because there is a precedent, several people filed a lawsuit and won. See, for instance, this case: http://www.bihon.ro/in-instanta-pentru-postarile-de-pe-facebook/1715470


I get it: we’re free, free to express ourselves, to point fingers, to chant, to resist. But people, let’s not forget the truth. The truth which is not as relative as some people think. Let’s bring arguments, let’s be wise.


Stop throwing words around, just because A or B asks you to or even pays you with 2-3 products, stop shouting aberrations just because you feel like it and just because that’s your hater mood. STOP BEING HATERS and you’ll see that your inner balance will pay off on the outside as well and suddenly all the things in your life will get resolved and even the flowers will smell better and the birds will chirp more harmoniously.


I still have the strength to fight all the haters, just like that, because other people give me energy, make me happy and make me forget there are also human beings like this (to be read non-humans).


Sending kisses to all you cool people, and for the rest of you, wasting time, I’m going to ignore you from now on or let my attorney contact you.


See you soon,






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