Asta mi-as dori sa se intample pe 15 martie. Sa vad oameni din domeniu cum imbratiseaza aceasta idee si intra in greva, timp de 15 min, pe 15 martie, la ora 15:00. Sa suspendam orice activitate si sa aratam ca impreuna putem lua atitudine.

Poate ca o sa spuneti ca nu o sa se schimbe nimic, sau cu ce il ajuta pe un makeup artist o noua autostrada, AICI NU E VORBA doar de autostrada, ci de un intreg manifest ca nu se mai poate, ca vrem sa se schimbe si ca schimbarea incepe din noi. Ca numai uniti putem schimba lucrarile. Eu il admir pe Ștefan Mandachi si ma bucur ca a demarat o campanie atat de puternica la nivel de social media. Cu si fara reclama la restaurantele sale, chiar nu mi pasa, caci tot ce a spus in video e cat se poate adevarat.

Asa ca pe 15 martie, la ora 15:00, timp de 15 min voi inchide siteul, nu voi raspunde la niciun telefon si la niciun mesaj primit in acel interval, voi protesta in felul meu alaturi de mii de alti oameni care au raspuns pozitiv la aceasta provocare.

Daca si voi vreti sa se schimbe lucrurile, ca sa ajunga intr-un final sa se schimbe si industria, daca si voi militati pentru un viitor mai bun pentru noi toti, indiferent ca suntem makeup artisti, doctori, profesori, femei de serviciu sau antreprenori, atunci e timpul sa va alaturati campaniei.

ACCEPTATI PROVOCAREA si suspendati activitatea pentru 15 minute.

Pe curand,


Makeup artists also STRIKE ON 15 MARCH. #ȘÎEU

That is what I would like to happen on March 15. To see people in the field how they embrace this idea and strike for 15 minutes on March 15, at 3 pm. Let's suspend any activity and show that together we can take a stand.

You may say that nothing will change, or how it will help the highway a makeup artist, HERE IS NOT ONLY ABOUT the highway, but about a whole manifestation because it is no longer possible, because we want to change and that change begins with us. Cause only if we stick together we can change things. I admire Stefan Mandachi and I'm glad he started such a strong social media campaign. With and without advertising its restaurants, I really do not care, because everything he said in the video is very true.

So on March 15 at 15:00 for 15 minutes I will close the site, I will not respond to any phone calls and messages received in that time frame, I will protest in my way with thousands of other people who have responded positively to this challenge.

If you also want to change things, so that the industry will eventually change, if you fight for a better future for all of us, whether we are makeup artists, doctors, professors, cleaning ladies or entrepreneurs , then it's time to join the campaign.

I've also prepared an image for you to use if you want Facebook accounts to notify your friends that you ACCEPT THE CHALLENGE and suspend your activity for 15 minutes.

See you,



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