La ultimele targuri la care am participat am vazut din ce in ce mai multi pasionati, pe facebook si pe grupuri la fel. Pasionati care se dau cu parerea, cumpara produse profesionale, urmaresc tutoriale, se machieaza uneori mai bine decat specialistii. Ma intreb totusi unde e limita dintre pasionat si specialist. Pana unde putem duce pasiunea si in ce punct e timpul sa recunoastem ca pasiunea ne este de fapt o meserie? Cu sau fara diplome la portofoliu.

Se spune in industrie ca e un trend ca makeup artistii sa afirme ca sunt doar pasionati, sa se laude ca au realizat anumite lucrari doar din pasiune, fara diplome si scoli la activ. E o lauda care cica le-ar creste stima de sine. Dar eu ma intreb, industria are nevoie de pasionati sau de specialisti?

Limita de fapt nu exista. Este doar o bariera invizibila pe care ar trebui sa o depasim asumandu-ne ceea ce facem, concretizand lucrurile prin dobandirea unui atestat si pozitionarea pe piata ca atare. Asumat, cu coloana vertebrala, cu responsabilitati si daca se poate si cu un PFA sau SRL in spate.

Pasiunea construieste makeup artistul, il indreapta pe drumul meseriei, in mentine pe drum si il ajuta in momentele dificile, insa cine ramane doar la acest stadiu ar trebui sa se machieze doar pe el si maxim 2-3 prietene. In niciun caz sa aiba 30 de programari pe weekend.

Tind sa cred ca rata celor care depasesc aceasta bariera scade pe zi ce trece din prea multa stima de sine si prea putin respect fata de adevaratii traineri din industrie si aici nu ma refer doar la trainerii din Romania, ci si din afara granitelor.

Pasiunea ne face sa mergem mai departe, meseria ne aduce respectul cuvenit.


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Where is the boundary between a passionate and a specialist?

During the last fairs I’ve participated at, I’ve seen more and more passionate people on Facebook, and also on groups. Passionate people who give their opinion, buy professional products, follow tutorials, and sometime use make-up better than the specialists. So I wonder where the boundary is between a passionate and a specialist. How far the passion may take us and when is the moment to admit that passion is not, in fact, a trade. With or without credentials in our portfolio.

People say is a trend in the industry for make-up artists to say they are just passionate, to brag about achieving certain works with passion only, no credentials or schools under their belt. Supposedly such bragging would boost their self-esteem. But I ask myself, does this industry need passionate people or specialists?

In fact, there is no boundary. There is only an invisible barrier we all should overcome, accepting what we are doing, materializing things thru earning a certificate and thus positioning ourselves on the market. Take on, stand tall, assume responsibilities and, if at all possible, having a PFA or a SRL as our base.

The passion is what makes up the make-up artist, it points him towards this profession, sustains him on the way and helps him in hard times, but whoever abides at this level should only use make-up on himself and on maximum of two, three friends. He certainly should not have 30 appointments per weekend.

I incline to think that, the percentage of those who overcome this roadblock is decreasing daily due to too much self-esteem and not enough respect for the real trainers in the industry, not talking only about our trainers from Romania, but from outside the borders also.

The passion is what makes us move on, the trade brings us due respect.

Am I wrong?

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